A small five level game (more like prototype). 

Post jam build will be added later.


Z -- Jump

X -- Set Warp / Goto Warp

C -- Shadow Walk

m5x7 by the talented Daniel Linssen


warp-mark.zip 9 MB


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Very nice prototype, I love the shadow mechanic. I have a German keyboard, so z and y are switched, which always gives me some troubles on games that use z,x,c keys. The game has some bugs, the "C" was missing in a text and it froze in the level with the two shadow blocks when I entered the door after unlocking it. If you can add a story to the game why the character got that abilities (like in Portal), this can be made into an awesome game!

Sorry about the controls.  I just assumed Godot used scan code system like love2d.

Also, the level switching system is probably very frail.  My first attempt crashed both the game and the editor :x

I'm definitely going to work on this more.